Iced World & After Dinner Reading

Today we awoke to world coated in about 1/2″ of crystal clear glazing. All the fence wires, trees, stems of hay and buildings were coated in ice. Even Kita had ice on her back when she came to greet me this morning. With her luxuriant fur coat she didn’t seem to care. She just flipped over and rolled around in the hard snow – seems it makes a great back scratcher.

I had wanted to wander about and get photos of the beautiful ice but after a good fall (is there such?) I decided that was not such a grand idea. Thus just the image of my knife that I left out last evening and found it ice-bound this morning. That knife is one of, if not the, oldest possessions I have. Interesting…

In the distance we heard trees breaking. Not many. Not like the ice storm of 1998 where we lost 150 acres of prime sugar maples. It took us five years to clean up from that. As long as we don’t get a heavy snow on top of this we should be fine and just the dead wood will be cleared out of the forest by the heavy weight of the ice. I am surprised we haven’t lost power. That is a good sign.

Walking up the hill to feed the pigs was a challenge, both for me and the pigs. 600 lbs on an ice slope… They moved gingerly. That is a lot of momentum should they get sliding down towards the road. It is a good thing the kids did their snowboarding yesterday because today the fields were covered with a hard ice crust. The tiny cottage is now is now frosted like some giant confectionary. It was a good day to be inside.

We don’t play board games much. I tried to introduce that several times in the past with scrabble, cards, monopoly, etc but it never did last. We also don’t have television and only get one radio station so those entertainment possibilities are rather limited during the long winter nights.

The big thing we do in the evenings is reading aloud together every night after dinner. Usually Holly does the actual reading of a book that we’ve picked while others do dishes, cleanup the kitchen, etc. Recently we’ve been reading Robert Asprin’s [1, 2] Myth Inc series and his Phule’s Company series recently. Series books are fun because the story keeps going on and on as we get to know the characters. Over the years we’ve also read all of the Little House on the Prairie series, “Clan of the Cave Bear” series by Jean M. Auel, Memoirs of a Primate and many others. We’ve been doing this since Will was little. It has stayed with us and become one of those favorite traditions.

No progress on the tiny cottage – one of those days. The door is too tight. Either I’ll rebuild the frame from scratch or save this door for another place and get a new one that fits properly. Better to do it right.

Outdoors: 32°F/10°F Crystal Ice everywhere, Misty frozen rain all day.
Farm House: 67°F/52°F five logs
Tiny Cottage: 51°F/42°F

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6 Responses to Iced World & After Dinner Reading

  1. Chris says:

    Thanks for the cooment on my blog, I enjoy getting to know new people. I am glad to see what you are doing against NAIS, I guess if enough of us holler loud enough they’ll have to back down for a while.

    chris Scigliano

  2. ranch101 says:

    When I was a teen, we used to do the dinner dishes while listening to Radio Reader (probably on PBS). We heard a wide variety of stories that way, keeping us from getting in too much of a rut. Nowadays I do a lot of reading out loud to the littles. Nadya is *this* close to reading on her own. Her best friend already reads, and handles bedtime stories when he sleeps over. Utterly adorable!

  3. cresmer says:

    I loved the Myth books when I was a kid!!! They’ve recently re-released them in a couple big volumes. Maybe that’s what you’re reading…

  4. PV says:

    pThats a wonderful thing to do!!!! I luv it!

  5. Hope says:

    I just moved to a house in the country after living in the city all my life. I have always wanted to live on a farm, and this is a small step in that direction. I only have about 3/4 of an acre, and the yard is not fenced in. I have very little money to spend, an empty dog pen and dog house, and an empty rabbit hutch. Since I have zero experience in raising chickens, I was hoping you could tell me if my idea for this will work. I am wondering if I can simply place the rabbit hutch inside the dog pen, and put some perches inside to use it as a roosting house to sleep in at night. During the day, I could let them out into the dog pen and use hay on the floor. I only want about 3 chickens and a duck and a goose, all females. Or would I have to get them in pairs and keep ducks and geese separate from chickens? I only want to eat the eggs, not the birds themselves. The birds will be pets. To keep predators out and the chicks in, I was thinking of wrapping hardware cloth or whatever is cheaper around the bottom of the dog pen, and over the top of the pen. Then a tarp on top to keep rain out and to provide shade in the summer. Do they need anything more than that or instead of that? Thank you.

  6. Hi Hope, that should work fine. Put a tarp or something on the upwind side to block the wind if that is an issue and the birds should be happy. You don’t need to separate the various types, all of ours range together and usually sleep together often even sharing nests for the low nests (ducks prefer them). The duck and goose eggs are much larger and obviously different than the chicken eggs. Have fun! -WalterJ

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