Tiny Cottage Door Up

Tiny Cottage Door
Shim-Shimminy, Shim-shim, shim-shimminy… Today we installed the door on the tiny cottage. Doing doors involves a lot of shimming to get everything straight, level and true. I had hoped to also install the outer windows but the door ended up taking up most of the day. Doors can be like that. The problem was I got the door surplus and it is an exact fit for the opening. Well… actually it’s tighter than that. The door was supposed to fit a 38″ rough opening which is what we had built. Between staples in the door and rough spots on the concrete that 38″ match was way too tight.

We ended up using the skill-saw shave off about 3/8″ from the handle side of the door frame to get it to fit. I’ve had easier times installing doors – to put it mildly. At the end of the day it still wasn’t quite finished, we need to set some screws from the wooden frame to the concrete, but it is very close and we were getting tired. It was getting dark so best to quit while we’re ahead and finish it up tomorrow so we can do it right. Some things should not be rushed. I’m glad I’m not working on a clock.

The reason we’re working on doors and windows is to improve the heat retention of the house. The double layer of plastic we’ve had on until now is better than nothing but it leaks. Once we get the windows in place it the temperature inside the tiny cottage should rise as we lose less to drafts (convection), have a better window R-value (conduction) and block the outgoing infra-red (reflection). Up until now I had not wanted to do the doors and windows since I didn’t want them getting broken when we were moving around long timbers from the inner scaffolding. But that is down and the new sand, concrete blocks and shorter scaffolding lumber is inside warming up. With the beautiful weather today it was an ideal time to start on the doors and windows.

On another note our roof is holding the snow. This is interesting, and good, because it means that the single layer of Reflectix foil-bubble-bubble-foil insulation is doing the job. I had expected more heat loss since we have not gotten the layers of pink foam insulation on the roof yet. If we were losing a lot of heat through the roof then the snow should have melted and larger icicles should be forming. The snow that is held on the roof will act as further insulation keeping us warm in our tiny cottage igloo.

This was the first day of sledding and snowboarding in the south field. Will and Ben finished clearing up the warm weather temporary paddock fencing of polywire and step in posts. One of the bigger sows came up to the top of the hill to watch the kids. One wonders what they think of such antics of human young as the kids fly down the hill in clouds of powdery snow.

Happy New Years!

Outdoors: 29°F/14°F Sunny, Partially Cloudy, 1″ Snow overnight
Farm House: 67°F/50°F five logs
Tiny Cottage: 54°F/42°F Door open most of the day

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