Ice Is Nice – Pigs to Market

That is ice now outside the inside of a bucket. As it melted it revealed most interesting patterns. This leads us to thoughts of what this year’s ice sculpture will be like…

The tiny cottage’s temperature seems to be stabilizing. The tremendous thermal mass of the concrete is coming up to temperature. Each day it gets warmed by the sun a little bit more. Today was simply waiting as the roof cured.

Instead of working on the tiny cottage today we took pigs to market. Two trips for two pigs. They were bigger than usual and did not want to load together into our transport, a 1993 Dodge Caravan SE minivan that has been converted to pickup status. We added extra springs and built a plywood and 661010 Welded Wire Mesh transport box in the back where pigs go to market. This is removable for when we’re hauling a ton of cheese, children or other things. So if you see a mini-van swaying down the road with pig noses at the back window you’ll now who it is.

Getting pigs to market took all day. The butcher is an hour drive each way and the pigs who were supposed to go were not as cooperative about loading as I would have liked. This is our weakest task and something I would like to do better with in the new year. Winters coming, time to evaluate and plan for the next season.

Outdoors: 47°F/24°F Sun and Clouds
Farm house: 66°F/55°F no fire
Tiny Cottage: 55°F/45°F

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4 Responses to Ice Is Nice – Pigs to Market

  1. pablo says:

    Did the pigs get themselves anything nice at the market?

    I don’t want to be pushy, but is it your plan to finish the rest of the house next spring,summer,fall? I guess I’m just impatient to see the whole vision realized.

  2. Jon Crane says:

    Walter –

    We would love to see pictures of that operation!! I’ve heard of people transporting livestock in their minivans…but I can’t believe your old timer friend or anyone in your network doesn’t have a small livestock trailer. Could you tow one with your van? The hill must pose a problem with that scenario. Oh the adventures.

  3. Pablo, they got themselves a little slice of piggy heaven. What they really cared about was the most excellent Cabot white cheddar cheese on Thomas’ English Muffins that they got for getting in the van.

    As to finishing, we are planning to move into the house by December 1st and celebrate Christmas there. I have been thinking that after we move in and I have time I’ll have to write an article linking back to the whole project. Sort of a table of contents and summary.

  4. Jon, I actually had my camera out with us when we were doing loading but forgot to get it out and take pictures. Another time.

    As to the trailer, we’ve looked into them and to adding a hitch to the van. Our van is rated to pull a ton. The trailers weigh a third of that but that is without side panels. Add the side panels and we’re up to over half of the rated pulling weight. That leaves us the ability to haul four pigs. It will increase the gas consumption, require registration of the trailer as well as purchase of the trailer (several thousand dollars) and who knows what other details.

    For now I’ve been able to get away without it. We’ve had someone else haul on occasion or we just take the pigs two or three at a time in the van box. That works. I’ll probably look into trailers again in the future. We’re on the cusp of it.

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