Roof Done – Cottage Construction Pan

The roof is done. At least the concrete portion. Today we did some minor touchups to fix the minimal damage from putting the plastic on so fast on Friday when the freak five minute storm blew up and did the last couple of square feet at the south peak over the kid’s loft window. It looks really good. We’ll let it cure a few days while we catch up on farm work and then we can insulate the roof.

To see a panorama of our upper pond and house site click on the image below. It is about 700KB so it may take a bit of time to load. It is also 2048 pixels wide, scroll sideways to ‘walk’ around.

This evening we went to a carol sing at friends’ house. They, the Nelson-Knapps, are moving to Maryland so this is the last year they’ll be doing their carol sing here in Vermont. We’ll miss it each year. Life changes.

Outdoors: 52°F/36°F Sunny & Clouds
Farm house: 68°F/55°F no fire
Tiny Cottage: 55°F/47°F

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3 Responses to Roof Done – Cottage Construction Pan

  1. Dubai Vol says:

    Thanks so much for taking the time to post this great info. I am designing my own house, and your barrel vaults were directly responsible for leading me to my own roof design: groined vaults. I may also lift and adapt your formwork ideas: clearly I owe you more than thanks. In fact I may even want to hire you to consult on my roof design….

  2. I’ll have to pass on doing the consult on the roof design as I’m not a licensed engineer. I just crunch numbers for my own enjoyment. But, feel free to gather ideas from what I’ve done and be sure to go over to the FerroCement web site where there is a lot of great discussion on this topic and visit MXSteve‘s web site where he shows what he’s being doing with this in Mexico.

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