Kita Cornering – Prepping Final Pour

Livestock Guardian Dog LGD Kita Vermont Winter Snow
Dogs moving at full speed are a thing of beauty. In winter on the snow all the more so. My herding style is slow on the edges of the pressure points. The dogs use the pressure points too but often at 65 mph – no speed limits. Here Kita is just playing with her sister Kia and niece Lili as they fly across the frozen landscape.

Back in October I had mentioned that PBS’s science program was planning to use some of my photos of the skeleton on their TV show “DragonFly“. Since then photos from this blog have been requested for an advertising campaign (undisclosed), a record jacket, a CD cover, a book in Canada, on BBC and Japanese TV as well as a book being published in Denmark about pastured pigs which is using photos from this and this article. Pretty cool! It is amazing the connections that are made on the Internet.

Today on the tiny cottage we worked to prepare for the final roof pour. It is amazing how many little details there are just so I can spend the day playing in the mud.

Spray the inside with water – Ben
Make insulation for the top outside collar under eaves – Will, Walter
Place collar insulation – Walter, Will
Move concrete mixing from inside to outside – Will, Walter
Cut lath for eaves – Walter, Will
Cut 661010 Welded Wire Mesh for ribs
Form ribs – Will, Walter
Organize tools for pour day – Ben
Seal wall gaps with foam – Ben, Will, Walter
Clear scaffolding of ice – Walter, Will
Fill buckets with dry cement – Walter
Double plastic on final two windows
Serve lemonade & hot chocolate – Hope
Receive and stow additional insulation for roof – Walter

Busy, busy, busy. I think we are ready. Now we just need a beautiful, warm, sunny, dry day in the middle of December in northern Vermont. I’m not asking for much…

Outdoors: 34°F/15°F Sunny
Farm house: 58°F/52°F no fire
Tiny Cottage: 52°F/46°F

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8 Responses to Kita Cornering – Prepping Final Pour

  1. PV says:

    Wow beautyful!!!!!

  2. grannygardner says:

    That is quite a prep list for the final pour. Do you have an estimate of when you’ll be able to move into the cottage?

  3. Jon Crane, Warren Maine says:

    You ask for it, you got it Walter. 50 degrees and sunny here in mid coast Maine. Walter, the house looks great. What are you bringing in for utilities and when?

  4. GrannyGardner, we’re hoping to be into the tiny cottage on or before December 1st.

    Jon, phone, DSL, electric. Ultimately my goal is to generate our own electricity for our meager needs and be off grid. Utility electricity around here is not very reliable because they insist on stringing it via wires on poles above ground. Snow, ice, falling limbs and erratic drivers bring it down many times. Last year we totaled almost two weeks without electricity and other years have been similar. At 16.5 cents a kilowatt hour I think I can build my own generation system for less and it won’t use foreign (or domestic) petro. But that is a project for another year. :)

  5. Jessie says:

    Speaking of writing a book, I hope that I will be reading yours one day, illustrated by Holly of course. This comment’s over a year late, but I hope you’ll forgive me :) Jessie N.

  6. Ah, the beauty of the internet – it’s never too late to comment! :)

  7. Farmerbob1 says:

    You have an extra ‘have’ in the quoted section below, Walter.

    “Since then photos have from this blog have been requested”

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