Window Warming

Our first tenant has moved in. As we were working on putting up a second layer of plastic on the inside of the windows of the tiny cottage I found this spider building a web in the bathroom window. It was not warm outdoors and frankly I was surprised to see the spider since it was only about 40°F inside. Still, it was warmer within the tiny cottage than without. Sadly, her web ended up between the two layers of plastic, spaced a couple of inches apart, so she’s in a chilly spot. I doubt she’ll see flies until spring.

Outdoors: 30°F/5°F Overcast
Farm house: 65°F/45°F 4 logs
Tiny Cottage: 42°F/33°F

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2 Responses to Window Warming

  1. karl says:

    spiders are resilient creatures. they can even travel through the cold of the stratosphere. spiders in space, the next horror movie.

  2. PV says:

    Nice pic Walter!!!! Kep riting about yor tiny house I luv followng the story!!!!!!

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