Tiny Cottage Closed In

Sunrise just hitting the Tiny Cottage

Here is what our final work from yesterday looks like in the light of day. When we stopped I could no longer see so it was very interesting going up there this morning to look it over. Aside from a piece of pink board that slewed, and I knew it by touch last night, it was fine.

About an hour after we finished it snowed intensely and very briefly dumping about 1″ of fresh snow. Then the skies cleared. As the clouds raced away they revealed a full moon. The winds had not blown anything away. Inside the cottage it was cozy – sort of. Certainly warm enough for the curing concrete. The test cups of water at various levels and puddles on the floor slab were not frozen. Covering it all worked and the heaters had done their job.

Low of 18째F, 1″ snow last night

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5 Responses to Tiny Cottage Closed In

  1. PV says:

    Loooooks greaat! in the sun light of morning!!!! I cant wait too see the final hous. I yor messages you oftn say the weather. Do you have raing guagues and wind things and al that stuf?

  2. Urban Agrarian says:

    Yeah! All closed in. I was hoping you’d beat the bad weather. How did you know we’d have such a warm fall???

  3. UA, We’re sort of closed int. We still have more roof work to do but is great to have the interior of the house beginning to heat up. During the day it will soak up energy from the sun and start warming the thermal mass of the house.

    PV, I have always salivated over those ads for fancy weather stations that would hook up too my computer and all that but they are too expensive and I have not yet got a good place to set something up like that. So I simply use my finger to gauge the depth of the rain or snow in buckets, etc that we leave out to collect the precipitation. Maybe someday, after the house is all built, I’ll spring for something fancier – it does seem hard to justify the cost though since it is just a toy (in my hands).

  4. Cheryl R. says:

    Great job, everybody! Can’t wait to see it all done on the outside, and the whole house design.

    Will the cinder blocks be the final look of the outside, or will you be adding more layers of something to that on the non-earth sheltered side(s)?

  5. We’re going to side it in bright pink to match our neighbor up the road who did bright yellow. … Just kidding!

    Outside the concrete block walls will be 4″ to 6″ of insulation and then a face of granite rockwork. The rockwork won’t happen for a couple of years because I want to finish building the entire structure before adding the rock work so it will have a unified appearance. Likewise the earthsheltering won’t happen for a while since it will be much easier to do once the entire back walls are completed. I keep reminding myself to be patient when I get tempted to add berm or granite… :)

    In the mean time we’ll cover the insulation with Vermont Siding – a.k.a. Typar (housewrap). That way it will match our existing farm house. :)

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