Hope’s Cake

Tuesday morning Hope announced she was making a cake. She made up her own recipe – none of this being restricted by other chef’s ideas or cookbooks for her! In her words it had “flour, spices, chocolate and other stuff.” Hope helps out regularly with cooking as do all of our kids, it is part of homeschooling and part of life. This was the first time she did a project of her own – and her own recipe to boot! After cooking at 350째F for 40 minutes it tasted interesting, sort of a cross between cake, brownie and stiff pudding. Hurrah for Hope’s cake!

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2 Responses to Hope’s Cake

  1. Katie says:

    What a cutie and what a great way to inspire creativity in your children (not that I’m surprised). I look forward to Hope’s cookbook release.

  2. Your daughter is lovely! It is wonderful that you and your wife are teaching them to cook as part of their education. I hope that Hope enjoyed her creation.

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