Window Framing

Today we dry stacked the remaining three courses of concrete blocks below the top ring beam. To do that I removed the insulation over all the previous walls and checked out the curing of the previous core pours. They looked great, passing the finger nail test (harder than mine), the color test (grey) and the ring test (sharp ringing sound when knocked). Our concrete is curing despite the low night time temperatures. The ideal temperature for curing concrete is around 60째F. We had that briefly last week (in November!) but it has been mostly way below that, in the 40’s, with many a night in the low 20’s. The accellerant admix, Acceleguard 80 we used probably made a large difference keeping ice crystals from forming and speeding up the curing. The blankets, plastic and burlap bags probably also helped a lot.

One of our goals before we pour our upper ring beam is to tent the scaffolding so that we can further protect this critical pour. Now that the temperatures have dropped to more normal November weather this is more crucial. I had hoped to have that done by this evening but events did not lead to that as per the government interference below.

The remaining cedar for the window frames arrived this morning from Allen Lumber. We worked on cutting and building the frames. Holly and Will did most of that in the afternoon while I dealt with the IRS on a lengthy phone call regarding them cheating us of our tax refund.

Gotta love the government – they take away with both the left and the right hands but neither knows what the other is doing. I received a letter today denying part of our tax refund. The letter didn’t specify what the problems were. There was an number to call so I did. A very nice man Mr. Cipicchio Agent Number 2504771 of the “Tax Law Department” at the IRS spent a long time going over our return with me on the phone. He told me that the IRS was in error and that we were qualified and due for the refund of $1,530. He said would transfer me to “Accounts”, notify them that the claim was valid thus clearing it all up and getting us our money. After a very long delay a woman came on the phone who said they had denied the claim and that there was no way to communicate with him. I repeatedly tried to get back to Mr. Cipicchio but they wouldn’t let me speak with him. They shuffled me from person to person, department to department. The music never changed. After almost three hours and talking with seven people I gave up for now. Sometimes I think they do that on purpose. Wasted days…

In good news, Brent, the gentleman who delivers the whey for the pigs to us, told us the weather should be good through all of next week. I hope he’s right. Today sure was beautiful outside. Hopefully tomorrow we can pour the ring bond beam in the channel block topping off the walls.

“Less government is still too much.” -WJ

42째F/28째F Crystal Clear Blue Sunny Skies

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