Framing Windows

Today was another wood working day for our tiny cottage. Holly is cutting cedar 2×4’s for window framing. The reason we’re using cedar is that it will be next to the concrete and I don’t want the wood to rot. This also will hopefully take care of issues of water from condensation but I have other ways that I hope to avoid that all together. One thing I don’t want is rotting sills 40 years down the road.

The window headers will be sistered and have extra studs to hold up the channel block above while it cures. Until that is done we’ll just have plastic on the window.

Will is looking over the back wall. Those sheets of pink foam insulation are 8′ tall so that gives you a sense of perspective.

Here you can see the interior staging that Will is standing on. This is to allow us to pour the upper cores of the back wall and do the channel beam along there. We made the staging by setting 2×4’s on edge with small 2×4 spacers. This was much stronger and more rigid than the usual flat 2×6 planking arrangement. I wanted extra strength for this staging because we would be dealing a lot of with heavy buckets of concrete as well as blocks. This is setup so that we can increase the height by another two feet to get the top of the back wall. There is also a place to set buckets and blocks passed upward from below.

It is amazing how much prep there is for what will be a relatively quick dry-stack and pour of the final courses. When we go to do them I want it to happen quickly, all in one so then they can cure over the weekend before we begin the roof. Originally I was shooting for doing the roof on Friday but now it is more likely Monday or even later next week. When we do the roof I want to try and do that all in one shot too.

To the end of making every happen smoothly the day of the last courses Will and I brought in all the blocks we’ll need for the last courses of concrete block and channel block. Carrying heavy blocks for a few hours gets you well warmed up.

One thing I wonder about doing differently in the future is we built the partitions as we built the exterior walls. Unfortunately the partitions get in the way at times. Next time I think that I would just build the key in blocks and leave the rest of the partitions until after we had closed in the house.

As we finished up work at 4 pm we were treated to a gorgeous sunset. All points of the sky looked like this – north, south, east and west. Additionally, to the north and east we could still see the sun striking the tops of the mountains although we were well into the shade of evening as the sun set behind Sugar Mountain. Beautiful!

42째F/18째F Sunny

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2 Responses to Framing Windows

  1. PV says:

    Walter i notic the piles of bloxs are vanishing!!!! Up up up into your walls they go!

  2. jessie says:

    Hey, we had the same sunset over here in Middlebury, and I got practically identical photos. (Yeah, I know it’s the same sun and all, but still….)

    I’ve been watching your progress and thinking about the first English settlers to this country. The clock is ticking, the days are getting shorter. You have a few advantages over what they were working with (adequate food, an existing building, power tools, and so on), but somehow I’m intrigued by the idea of getting a shelter finished before the cold really sets in…and still having time to post it every day. :-)

    It’s looking good. Can’t wait for the roof to go on.

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