Pigs in the Mist

No big work on house as it rained all day. This gave us a chance to catch up on indoor work, the concrete to cure and me to fine tune design details. We went in town to pickup expired bread from the bakery, do errands and look at doors & windows at the lumber yard. I found a great bargain on a door in the bargain bay. It is 36″ wide with double tempered glass top to bottom. Being flexible pays! I also ordered two inexpensive, small open-able (double-hung) windows which will provide egress in the back of the house as well as cross ventilating with the door in the front.

All the rest of our windows came out of the IBM office building – huge aluminum frames of beautiful glazing that I got for $5 each several years ago. We’re going to turn them into super windows by putting two together sandwiching three or four layers of stretched Tedlar film. This creates a highly insulated window and you can barely even see the inner panes of Tedlar. I built my first one about 16 years ago and it has performed beautifully in our existing house. Great stuff.

55째F/49째F 2″ Rain

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  1. HomemakerAng says:

    i am enjoying watching your progress!

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