Mystery Photo – Cores Poured

Oh, my! What is this? A checker board piece? What is it made of? What is it for? How was it created? Leave you ideas in comments. Click on the photo to see a different and very telling view!

So, what happened on the house today? Channel block and core pouring. But before I realized that the day was racing away and it got too dark to take any photos. Walls are up to the window sills. Tomorrow, weather permitting, we’ll start defining the windows and it will begin looking more house like.

Speaking of weather, it was nice, warm and misty in the morning, rained lightly while we were in during lunch and then more great weather for masonry in the afternoon! I’m praying to all the gods of carpentry, stone masonry and the weather for this to continue at least few more weeks. Failing that perhaps everyone can run their SUV’s to promote global warming. :) We’re counting down the days until we’re closed in and it can freeze! This is a very unusually warm November…

Quote of the day: I say that “I’m an economic omnivore – I eat what I can afford.” Will said “that is a polite way of saying scavenger.” :)

49째F/38째F Overcast with misty mountains

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7 Responses to Mystery Photo – Cores Poured

  1. pablo says:

    You’ve made the solution to the mystery photo too easy (I think). My thought is that this is the ice that formed in the bottom of a bucket, separated from said bucket and placed in high contrast on the ground.

    Are you bringing back the ice sculpture early?

  2. Very good, Pablo! You have almost got it…

    This isn’t the ice sculpture early but rather an accident we had some fun with.

    As to the ice sculpture, we’re already making plans for bigger and better!

  3. Cheryl says:

    That’s not it? Dang, that was my guess, too. Hmm… Your new winter stepping stones…I sense a new blog coming on..”Picklebucket Farm”. ;)

    I’ll have to take another look at that picture.


  4. Kristianna says:

    Walter ~ Are you planning to live in the cottage this year? Will you tear down the older home on your property?

    I am just curious (a polite way of saying nosy.;)

  5. Kristianna,

    We hope to move into the tiny cottage this year and live in it this winter. We’ll see if we beat the snows. :) Technically we’ll just be camping there as our septic is still down at the old house. Still, emotionally it will be a big change and one for the positive.

    As to the old house, if we tear it down we would sell the beams, boards, bricks, etc. It was built in 1777 or something. I’ve been given a number of dates on it even as late as 1825. In any case it is about 200 years old.

    The house has generated interest from a number of people who have asked about buying it, moving it to a new location and then restoring it. If you want to see more about the house, go to this web page where I put up some photos and descriptions. This would be an ideal outcome.

    We’ve also had several people come buy who asked about buying parts, the foundation stones, stone steps, chimney bricks, beams, etc. This is a bit less ideal as the house would scatter as so many parts and pieces. It is apparently one of the oldest, if not the oldest, home in the area.

    The other option is just using it as a barn and work space for our farming. I don’t think I would keep animals in it, other than the occasional sick youngster, but I could store hay and other things in it. Probably that is what will happen until it sells and is gone.

    But until we’re out of it nothing like that is going to happen – we’ve still got all our books (the thing we have most of) that won’t fit in the tiny cottage.

    So, did I take care of that itchy nose?!? :)



  6. kristianna says:

    Yes, you answered my questions and then some. Thank you and best wishes on your building.

  7. Darwin says:

    You should write a book. Or two. Or three…… Maybe you can release your blog on the new ereaders.

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