Reflecting On Ponds

Hmm… What special Photoshop effects did I use to create the image above? Pixellated Blur? Gaussian Mummy Wrap? Cell Block Filter? The answer is: None! Here is the original photo:

The top photo is merely the reflection in the water of the kids and Kita on the rocks by our upper pond. The effect is strangely like heavy duty Photoshop manipulations and kinda cool. Click on the images to see larger views.

We had lowered the water level of the upper pond in order to clean rocks from the bottom. It had filled so fast after being built that we had not gotten a chance to do clearing initially. Then we had a dry spell so the pond had not filled back up yet. I didn’t mind as I had not originally intended for it to fill so fast. The dam needs time for the soil to settle and harden so that it will be strong. While the water was low we had worked on making the stone wall by the beach end – that is where Will and Hope are sitting with Kita.

Friday it rained hard and filled the pond right up. Water was flowing heavily out of all three of the overflow pipes – I’m glad I put in so many! Each is at a different level so I can easily control the depth of the pond without it even getting up to the over flow rocks on the dam.

The top overflow still has plenty of capacity but given the fact that it is being used I’m very tempted to put in another pipe above that as I’m not ready for the pond’s water level to be any higher. Eventually I’ll raise the overflow above a set of stones that will allow the water to cascade down past the end of the dam. That is a project for next year. The rocks here are fresh from the earth but within a few years they’ll have aged and start gaining a covering of moss and lichens. Already the rocks by Mystery Pond are beginning to age and blend with the landscape and the pond there has been full for about a year.

In the pan above, taken from the beach where Hope and Will are sitting, you can see east across the water, past a row of sugar maples along the stone wall and out across the south field to the mountains down the valley. We built the rock walls down the sides of the beach into the water – they’ll make great wading and sitting spots. I envision the nooks and crannies between providing shade and habitat for fish someday as the waters climb higher.

I like ponds and water. It seems to be a pretty universal thing with people of most species. The pigs, ducks and dogs love water too but the pigs and ducks don’t get access to this upper pond except from the overflow for drinking at their waterers downstream of the pond. If we get a dry spell, like we had a few years ago, the pond will give us months of storage for drinking water for the livestock. In the mean time it’s great fun for kiddlin.

40째F/21째F 1″ Rain, 1.5″ Snow, Partially Sunny

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6 Responses to Reflecting On Ponds

  1. Patti says:

    That is a nifty pond!! My ducks have a small plastic pool as a pond.

  2. pablo says:

    Looks wonderful. I’m glad for your success. Too bad you can’t pipe that overflow to my lakebed. I could sure use it. (There’s been some rain down thataway in recent weeks, so maybe my weekend trip will provide a happy surprise.)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Nicely done with the ponds! Concerning your last post… What is with the color of your tractor. Did you change tractors? What happened to the green one?


  4. Emily says:

    wow, your dog Kita looks like a wolf!

  5. I love it! I’d love to know how your property is laid out.

    Of course, you’d have to rent a helicopter and get some good aerial photography.

  6. The yellow tractor is a rental and not nearly as good as ours. Our green John Deere 4700 broke, in half. I’ll write about it some time. Right now it is at the dealers waiting for parts from Japan. When I bought a JD I thought I was buying American Made like their ads said but apparently the parts come from Japan. I was not pleased with the delay of more than a month while the part is shipped across the Pacific… *grrr*

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