Pink Foam Bubble Focus

I’m not seeing too clearly and my photographs show it. This problem is not caused by my camera. Yesterday I had to give back my new glasses to the optometrist. I had only had them for two weeks. The good news was the problem was with the glasses, not my eyes.

I feared that my eyes had changed since the exam a month ago but fortunately it turned out that my glasses had not been made correctly. That was a big relief. When I got them two weeks ago I couldn’t see very well but I figured I was just going through the usual period of adjustment and that is what the receptionist told me to expect. When it didn’t get better after a week we called and the receptionist again insisted it was just adaptation and that the glasses were correct, that they had checked them twice. In the past the adaptation period has only taken a few hours so I was surprised. I feared that my eyes were getting worse as I’ve been having a lot of migraines which is why I had gone to get new glasses in the first place.

Fortunately the problem turned out to be the glasses and not my eyes. So I’m back to my old glasses while the new ones get remade. My optometrist does honor her warrantee which is good because the glasses cost more than the camera!

My eyes are still adapting back and this morning I couldn’t seem to get a good focus. I thought had several very beautiful shots of rain drops on leaves, grass, etc. When I got back into the computer this evening I discovered they were almost all blurry and out of focus. The above rain drops on pink board insulation was the best of them – it had looked the worst of the lot to me when I took it. A pity since they all looked so good outdoors. But then, maybe it was just my eyes compensating… :)

56째F/29째F 2″ Rain, Misty

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  1. pablo says:

    Sorry about your glasses, but happy about your eyes! I recently got some wrap-around sunglasses with my prescription lenses, and I’m still adjusting to the fishbowl look, but I’m pretty sure that’s the wrap-around effect.

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