Not From These Parts

One of these rocks is not like the other… The large greenish one in the foreground is glacial erratica. I occasionally find pieces like this. Most of the rock around here is more crystalline, squarish, rougher and like the pieces in the background and this photo below of another alien rock with its local cousins.

Perhaps our visitors may even have been polished in a far away river. Our altitude is too high and our soil cover too thin for these to have been deposited here by ancient rivers or seas so they were probably deposited up here on the mountains by glaciers.

By the way, speaking of glaciers, we finally got our first hint of frost on Saturday, September 30th, 2006. That is unusually late although the past three years it has been unusually late. Some of the pumpkin leaves, our most sensitive crop, and some ferns got a touch of frost. But it was light enough that the tomato and pepper plants were not bothered and other pumpkins are fine. A longer growing season is the silver lining of global warming’s storm clouds.

65째F/39째F Sunny

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5 Responses to Not From These Parts

  1. Kristianna says:

    I know you are buys, Walter, but I’d just love to see photos of your garden, progress on your housebuilding, harvest, etc. Just about anything you’re working on. I know these rocks are probably due to the housebuilding parts.

    More photos at your convenience, please?


  2. pablo says:

    I’m with Kristianna. Pix, we want pix.

    What would be fascinating to me is to figure out from where in present-day Canada this big old rock came from.

  3. I hope to have more pictures up soon. My Fuji FinePix E900 digital camera died. It started giving a zoom error and soon there after stopped working all together. I just received word from the company that they received the camera and I should have it back in about two weeks. Here’s hoping!

  4. Tom Stewart says:

    My name is Tom Stewart and I am new to your BLOG. I have gone back and read from the earlist entry I can find, I love it!!!! I have wanted to make comments at other points, But have held off (not sure you would see them this far back in the Blog). But does any elsa see the face in this photo? Eyes above the nose (rounder rock) the mouth at a slant left to right up hill (hes trying to blow the bug (white/gold rock) off his face!! OUTSTANDING PHOTO>.

  5. Hi Tom and welcome. I do see all new comments and it is fine to comment on old posts. That is one of the beauties of the web – it crosses time and space.

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