Littlest Piglet

Newborn piglets are surprisingly small considering they can grow into 1,000 lb animals in just a few years. Pictured here next to mom it is about the size of one of her feet. This piglet is even smaller than usual but it is up and about mingling with the herd in the field. Its litter mates are easily twice its size. In all the piglets we have had I’ve never seen one this small and especially not one this small that was out and about from it’s farrowing nest.

Even more amazing than its diminutive size is how gentle the other pigs are around it – pigs who weight 200 times as much as the piglet are careful not to step on it or knock it down.

77째F/33째F Sunny

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5 Responses to Littlest Piglet

  1. pablo says:

    Well, you answered all of my questions. I wondered about its survival chances, but it sounds like they are good.

  2. She’s so tiny that I wondered too but today, five days after I took that photo, she’s doing great. When I went out to check on the pigs this afternoon she came running across the field following her mother and nimble as can be.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What ever happend to the little fella?

  4. She grew up to be a finisher gilt, a little slower than the rest of her cohort but with a little extra time she was fine.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Its really wonderful what you are doing here!! Its farmers like you who are making a difference in the humane treatment of animals!! Thank you!

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