No School Picnic

On the first day of public school we went to the “No School Picnic” which is organized by a homeschooling group up in Jericho, Vermont. We took our Frisbee and volleyball net and set that up. One woman was doing face painting. Hope and I saw some great were-lions. Other people had brought soccer balls. We’ve been homeschooling our kids from the beginning (10 years) and this is the first time we’ve done any formal homeschool group activity. It was interesting and our kids had fun.

Some of the interesting observations about the crowd was that of the hundred or so people there there were only two people who were overweight, most people drove mini-vans, Buy Local and similar bumper stickers were prevalent, almost all of the kids were under age 15 with most of them being under age 10, most of the families seemed to have been homeschooling for less than two years, almost all of the adults were women and there were three other dogs besides Kia. All were well behaved.

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3 Responses to No School Picnic

  1. Patti says:

    Interesting observations on the crowd. Going to delve into their meanings? i.e. homeschoolers dont’ drive trucks…..because?

  2. Emily says:

    Hi Walter! One of our local groups has a No School Beach Day – picnic and activities on the shore. We’ve been homeschooling since our middle son started – yikes, twelve years ago now. Never been very involved in groups before either but feel a need this year just to make some connections in our new neighborhood and for our extremely gregarious 6yod. We just can’t relate since the rest of us are major introverts!

  3. Rabia al-Adawiyya says:

    Salaam Sir,
    I find your farm by seeking photo of horse stable on Google Pictures. You have beautiful farm. I not see this kind of site before. I hoping I do this correctly.
    Rabia al-Adawiyya

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