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Line Level

This is a life saver. Not the round kind that you throw in the water to a drowning person. Not the candy kind you eat. No, this is what is used to teach us hillbillies what level looks like. Frankly, … Continue reading

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Littlest Piglet

Newborn piglets are surprisingly small considering they can grow into 1,000 lb animals in just a few years. Pictured here next to mom it is about the size of one of her feet. This piglet is even smaller than usual … Continue reading

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Pigs on Pasture 2006

Today is a little tour in the south field. You’ll need to click on the image above to get a larger view in order to see the details. As usual, bonus points to whom ever can count all the dogs! … Continue reading

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First Fall Foliage 2006

The mountains are starting to show their fall colors. This particular tree was stressed so it came early and strongly. 60째F/40째F Sunny

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