Wrong Whale Tale

That is a whale, a hump back whale I believe, from a whale watching trip we went on in September of 2000. That was not the photo I was looking for but it came up in my search. No, we do not have whales on Sugar Mtn Farm! To see them we go down to Cape Cod.

72째F/65째F Rain, Overcast, Sun

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6 Responses to Wrong Whale Tale

  1. You mean you’re not digging that new pond to keep whales in??

    I think it could work.

  2. Zombie, perhaps you are thinking of our “Ocean On the Mount” project. Different project – The ponds are all fresh water. My wife has ruled out my keeping great white sharks in the ocean tank… :( Bummer. Maybe I can swing a license for a pod of dolphins. :)

    I’ve got time though as dolphins and sharks are pinnacle feeders so they’re a ways off. We’re going to establish the primary plants and animals first and then the herbivores before we can work on the carnivores. Good basic ecosystems design takes time.

  3. Patti says:

    Hmmmmmmmm(thinking of how to call whales)

  4. PV says:

    An ocean?!!!!!! On a mountain?! Is yor middle name Noah?????!!!!!! I want ot know more!!!!

  5. Farmerbob1 says:

    Chinese characters in the temperature line here, Walter.

    I’m curious, on a working farm, how do you have the time to go on even a single day-s trip? I know how cautious you are about illness being brought into the farm too. That being said, looking at the date on this, it was nearly ten years ago, so I’m fairly sure your head count of pigs was substantially smaller.

    Now that the adult-count on the household is starting to go up, will you be able to get out a bit more?

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