Construction Panorama 2006 August

The landscape has changed a bit with our big dig. Off to the far left you can see the tree-house and beyond that Sugar Mountain. Directly across over the house is Haden Hill. To the right is the new upper pond and beyond that the south field where the pigs and sheep are grazing. In the middle right area is a white object. That is the whey tank, the reason for the road up to this level. More about that soon…

The new hay barn with farrowing stalls opening to the south east will go in front of where the tractor is parked. That pile of dirt as already been mostly moved, with the tractor, as I write this Sunday night. We’ll finish that up, finalize the design and lay in footers. This year we’ll do the cement work but the stone work will wait until next year.

It was fairly misty when I took this photo and you can see the mist on the mountains if you look closely. Click on the image for a larger version. This is a 180째 panorama which I stitched together in Photoshop. The trick for properly viewing images of this type is to get your eyes about 4″ from the image and firmly grip the sides of the screen with your hands. Then, in order to get the proper 3D perspective, bend the screen around so the edges touch your ears.

Okay, puzzle for the day: can you find the dogs in this image? See tomorrow’s post for the answer.

77째F/69째F Sunny

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14 Responses to Construction Panorama 2006 August

  1. Anonnie-Moose says:

    You live in paradise Walter! That view is truely and totally increadibly spectacular AND you have a tractor! I am turning green with envy. :-)

  2. PV says:

    Walter how do you make the wide pictures like that?????

  3. kdo says:

    > Dear Walter,
    > My wife and I love your website. We have visited it countless
    > times to get information on pigs and other farming endeavors. Our
    > family is in the process of raising our first pigs this year. The
    > porkers have a habit of pooping in their wallowing hole, it is the
    > only part of the operation that stinks. Is there any way to keep
    > them from doing it, or to keep the smell down that you know of?
    > I really enjoyed the discussion on the deworming properties of
    > pine and other materials, we will be trying that with ours also.
    > Keep up the great work fighting NAIS, it is motivating to know that
    > there actually are like minded people out there. Sometimes my wife
    > and I feel like we are on an island in the middle of the ocean.
    > Thank you.

  4. LJB says:

    Two dogs? That’s all I could see. I might have ruined my computer screen though following your suggestion for optimal viewing of the panoramic view. I’m too darned gullible!

  5. Patti says:

    Puppies? Umm the pic is a bit small and I’m a bit hard of seeing soooooo ..Nope don’t see no puppies ;)

  6. Anonymous says:

    Walter –

    You’re having fun there it appears. After having read a years worth of blog entries I never thought I’d hear of a barn with farrowing pens going up at your place. Just as you say, you are like the weather. Best of luck with your major improvements!!
    -Jon Crane, Warren, ME

  7. PV, I turn slowly panning from left to right taking a series of pictures, 10 in this case, all at the same level using manual settings to keep the lighting constant and slightly under exposed. Each image overlaps significantly. Then I bring the images into Photoshop and rotate them. I put them into a new blank document an approximately position them. Next I step through the images getting them lighted up. I use the airbrush erase tool to merge the boundaries of the images by erasing the top image of each overlap. Then I go through and get my alignment perfect and do another pass of the airbrush erase. I adjust the levels for all the images so that they match before compositing the images into a single flattened layer. I crop it down and do a final levels and color adjustment to the whole image. For the web version I reduce the image size so that it will be a reasonable download at 2,048 pixels wide – the original is 17,595 pixels wide. That sounds complicated but it is not too hard, just time consuming. There is software that will automatically do this but I have yet to see any that does as good a job as I can do in Photoshop by hand.

    Patti and Ljb, click on the image for a much larger version where the dogs are visible.

    Jon, the winter farrowing ‘pens’ are actually three sided sheds build along the outside of the barn and opening to the outside. They are the same as what we have been using for years except now there will be access to them from the back side via the barn where we’ll store hay and stuff. The animals aren’t going to be in an enclosed space. They will still have full access to the outdoors. From their point of view it will be no different than before. You’ll see this better as the project progresses. Stay tuned!

  8. Mark Paris says:

    I see one, obviously, and maybe another.

    There are some applications that do panorama splicing “automatically.” I put that in quotes because the automatic process is a little haphazard. Sometimes it works well, and other times it doesn’t. One of my digital cameras came with such an app.

  9. Urban Agrarian says:

    Wow it looks like you got lots of exciting stuff going on.

    With my puny laptop screen I can see two dogs for sure and one other that is probably just something I imagined from looking at the photo too long. One dog is “under” the water. She is standing and looking down. The second dog is lying down below and to the left of the water. She is looking to the left. The third dog is to the left and below the second one . He is sort of in a depression and is lying down and looking to the left. He is the one I think I’m imagining. He’s more likely some sticks and dirt clods, but he actually kind of looks like my dog. To think, people in the CIA actually get paid to scan photos like this and count things and we do it all for fun!

  10. LJB says:

    Walter, I still only see two dogs, and yes I went to the larger view to look. One is obvious, and I think there is a second mostly obscured by the body of the first. How am I doing? Lasell aka LJB…

  11. LJB says:

    I just looked at the close up of the new pond, and see dogs… the same two???

  12. HomemakerAng says:

    we finally are getting ours cleared and plowed too! we are just so excited!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hi Walter,

    About stitching photo’s, I use autostitch. This is best program I could find for stitching.

    It’s a real timesaver.

    Kind regards, Peter.

  14. Tj says:

    I think I saw 3. Opposite end of pic from other 2. looks like a red tail and part of the face.

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