100,000 NoNAISers

Head on over to NoNAIS.org to join the celebration! Fireworks, swimming, pin the tail on the bureaucrat and a government pork roast! Everyone welcome!

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  1. Jim Cutler says:

    Hi Walter – regarding your NoNAIS blog, would you be interested in a letter I got from the Iowa Dept. of Ag and Land Stewardship kindly suggesting that I register my “premises” in anticipation of the NAIS? You are welcome to copy this blog comment over, or I could send you a scanned copy of what I received, if you believe it will help fan the flames of resistance.

    Steve White is the State Animal ID Coordinator. He indicates that “The NAIS is being developed to allow for rapid tracing capabilities… blah, blah, blah…” And he “encourage(s) you to review it, complete it and send it in.”

    He further states that “Premises registration is the first step in the process and if we have *complete compliance* with the premises registration, accurate tracking of animals will be possible.” (emphasis mine)

    Further he states “Premises registration also provides us with a clear idea of where livestock is located in the state.” (Duh – why do you think I don’t like it?) And he rounds out his Orwellian Speak by stating “Registering your premises will help us protect *Iowa’s* herd from disease threats.” (emphatic emphasis mine!!!)

    “Iowa’s herd” !?!

    I thought these cattle were mine!!! Why am I paying to feed and care for these animals if I don’t own them?

    Well, he puts a few more zingers in there:

    “Premises Identification Numbers are *necessary* for any location involved in livestock production, commerce, or the movement of animals or poultry.”

    “Premises registration is *voluntary* at *this point*, and done at *no cost* to the applicant. {what a bargain! sign me up!} It deals only with the land itself, and what types of animals reside on *that* {not your} property. IDALS is *encouraging* all producers to get their premises registered now, and *avoid* any potential *delays* in the future.” {Is that a threat? Will the state delay my acquisition or sale of my livestock!?!}

    And, for the peace de resistance, “With everyone’s help, we can continue to make Iowa’s animal agriculture system safer and stronger.” {Playing the terrorism scare card, no doubt.}

    On the “brochure” enclosed, they indicate “Mandatory registration is being contemplated in the near future. Registering now will ensure the timely processing and receipt of your PIN.” {Another veiled threat.}

    On the form, the “Species at Premises” lists:
    Bison and/or Cattle: Cow/Calf, Dairy Feedlot, Seedstock
    Swine: Boar Stud, Farrow, Farrow Finish, Nursery, Seedstock
    Poultry: Chickens, Ducks, Geese, Guineas, Pheasants, Quail, Turkeys, Other
    Goats: Dairy, Meat, Other (list):__________{they don’t know what else you might want to do with a goat}
    Cervids: Elk, Whitetail Deer, Other (list)
    Camelids: Alpacas, Llamas
    Ratites: Emu, Ostrich


    Sorry for the long entry. This really gets me mad! How dare they? Of course, this is just another incremental step which we have all been allowing for over 100 years.

    I’m not volunteering for anything. And I’m contemplating what I’ll do if they “require” compliance. I’m not one to disregard the law, but I am sick and tired of the tyranny in this so-called republic. “Give me liberty or give me…”? Is anybody out there ready for “…death”? What is your freedom worth to you? Or is Benjamin Franklin’s adage about us true? {end of rhetoric}

    Jim Cutler
    Pilgrims’ Acres, Missouri
    formerly Shady Larch Farm, Peoples Republic of Iowa

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