Wood Chips

The utility company is not allowed to spray herbicides on our land and in other areas so they do mechanical cutting of the brush under the power lines. They chip the wood and then need a place to dump it. Scoring some loads is great. It makes wonderful free bedding and compost material. We have a space setup across the road where they can easily dump the wood chips when they are working in our area. Then it is readily available, and free, when I need it. I always keep my eyes out for such win-win freebies. The granite and marble is another example of this sort of thing.

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  1. ………..samething here, much to appreciated & aquired if one is on the ‘lookout’…………6 hay bales on the side of the road fell from a truck a day or two goes by, reclaimed by yours truly.

    Ps. When I first saw the ‘truck’ it looked like a small tiped missle launcher aimed at the NAIS and I thought to myself, ………….now he’s gone and done it………….(grin)

  2. Scott! Shhh! Don’t give away the secret locations of our Anti-NAIS Defense Shield (ANDS)! -Walter

  3. Lacy says:

    haha– a friend of mine did this with her street trees last year… except no convenient roadside dump site, just her urban driveway, which was piled high with mulch for a month! Lots of people got lots of free wood chips that month…

  4. Our cows always calve on the piles of free woodchips. It’s nice when your husband works for the utility company :)

  5. Mark V says:

    I like scots idea.

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