Hope on Hope

Hope as a new favorite night shirt – it is a portrait of her by her very talented mother Holly which I put onto a small T-shirt for her using Transfer Toner. Now Hope gets to wear a shirt with a pencil portrait drawing of a photo of herself wearing her favorite sweater – whew! If that isn’t enough recursion and redirection! :)

78째F/67째F Sunny, brief thunder, lightning, high winds & hard rain in late afternoon.

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7 Responses to Hope on Hope

  1. Brad K. says:

    The portrait of Hope is gorgeous — will you be selling prints of any of Hollie’s work? I notice you didn’t watermark a copyright onto the image before posting it online…

  2. pablo says:

    Beautiful work, but then she had a good subject to begin with. I’m very impressed with the detail in the sweater!

  3. Hi Brad,

    With the way copyright law works, as soon as a work is created it is copyrighted. This was a change in law that occured towards the end of the last millenium.

    There is also the usual copyright notice down at the bottom of the web page in the footer which covers everything on the page just as a copyright notice on the title page of a book covers all the pages and photos of a book.

    Most of the photos I do watermark, that is what the SugarMtnFarm.com down in the corner on them is. You can take that image and use it for a desktop background/wallpaper – in fact I encourage that for personal use and many people have said they have done so. The URL is then there to remind you to come on back and visit again for a spell. :)

    I don’t always put the URL on the image – for some it just doesn’t seem like it matters or it would take away from the image too much.

    As to Hope’s drawing in particular, that is a piece of work that is of sentimental value. I suspect that the only people who would want to copy it would be family and friends in which case, I would say “please do!”

    When it is all said and done I am not too worried about the copyright issue. I doubt anyone is going to steal this work and make gobs of money off of it. I have written books and taken photos that have been widely published and made money that that is a different genre.

    In fact, several other web sites are republishing the feed from here and from NoNAIS.org. In the case of the latter I certainly don’t mind since my goal is to educate people and spread the word about the horrors of the USDA’s NAzIS plan to mark our beasts. In the case of the former it hasn’t been an issue so far and I’m not worrying about it.

    I did have one case about a decade ago when someone took one of my paper publications (book & magazines) and was republishing the works on the web without permission for their profit. I sent them a really nasty legal notice to cease and desist. They stopped and I didn’t have to take it to court. That is fortunate as in court it is the lawyers who win most of all. That was a very different technical genre.

    Of course, there is always my 250 lb Montadale Ram who says he’ll deal with the truly egregious copyright violators who do it for profit and to further their evil plans to take over the world. :) Butt you know how he’ll handle it…

    What I hope is any words I might write will inspire people to get in-touch with their inner agrarian, get their hands dirty, eat and live more healthily and enjoy a more natural life. That is rewarding.



  4. PV says:

    My god that is so beautiful! Holly is so tallented!!!

  5. alex says:

    Wow, the shirt was just awesome. That’s even better than just usual photo t-shirt. The details on the image itself was awesome, and I have to say she looked gorgeous in that shirt.

    But what is a night shirt?

    Well anyways that’s a great one.

  6. Margot says:

    Your wife is very talented. That looks photographic. Better than photographic. It pops right out and is so amazingly detailed. All the knits and hair. So many artists short cut and just blur in those details.

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