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“Jaws” a.k.a. The 4-in-1 Bucket

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Back on the Cairn Building post I had mentioned “Jaws”, the hinged bucket on our tractor. Someone asked what Jaws looked like so here is a photo. The hydraulic cylinders on the back of the bucket allow the forward portion … Continue reading

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Strawberry Jam Making

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There are 20 pints, the other missed the photo session. :)Yesterday we made our annual pilgrimage to Pierson’s Farm in Bradford, Vermont. Strawberries are on my list to plant but so far it is just a dream. We have lots … Continue reading

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Wood Chips

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The utility company is not allowed to spray herbicides on our land and in other areas so they do mechanical cutting of the brush under the power lines. They chip the wood and then need a place to dump it. … Continue reading

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Burning Rock

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My father has regaled me since childhood with stories of his grandfather splitting rocks, big rocks, boulders, by heating them with fires and then quenching them with water. The thermal shock fractures the rock making it so that one can … Continue reading

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