Newt is Back!

After a solid week of rain we saw some serious sun. Between rain showers we have been planting and getting new temporary fencing up to divide the south field into paddocks for rotational grazing. More piglets left and more were born. It has been wonderfully warm and we needed the rain so I am not about to complain. Hopefully it is a sign of good gardens for this growing season.

68째F/57째F 5″ Rain, Spots of Sun

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9 Responses to Newt is Back!

  1. pablo says:

    So spring has arrived in New England? Glad you’ve been busy since that explains the less frequent blogging. (I really thought it was something I had said.)

  2. lucette says:

    I just read about rotational grazing in Omnivore’s Dilemma–exciting to read about someone actually doing it.

  3. lynn maust says:

    I did would I could here in Bedford, Pa to gather support for Ron Paul’s amendment to defund someone else wrote, go to your local courthouse and see if the [usa] flag is still flying. This is so horrendous……so 1984 as someone else has noted…so Soviet…so outrageous.
    On tv this a.m. was how to put in your own backyard veggie garden…by MARTHA STEWART…just when will our homegrown foods be outlawed??!! I have often thought that would some day occur and that it would be illegal to grow your own. This too could be on our horizon. God do help us and we need to help ourselves NOW!!!! Lynn Maust

  4. pablo says:

    also, nice piece of granite!

  5. Granite is the theme for the post I’m working on. And I really mean three posts…

  6. Oliviah says:

    Newts are so cool and icky at the same time. I love finding them but I would freak out if one of them got on me. Good thing they have no inclination!

  7. Patti says:

    Yes Newt is back…BUT where are you?????????????

  8. Planting season. Almost done. -WJ

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