2007 Farm Bill Open for Feedback

Sad ChickThere is a 2007 Farm Bill Feedback page for the US House Ag Committee. I have just written up a NoNAIS.org storm alert for it. Please visit the storm link and read that. If you own livestock, buy local or eat food then I encourage you to submit feedback to our representatives. A recent Kansas University study and spreadsheet shows the cost of animal ID to be a minimum of $1,500 per farm or homestead per year. We must act now to stop this insanity that could be the final nail in the coffin for homesteading and small family farms.

66째F/61째F 1.5″ Rain

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2 Responses to 2007 Farm Bill Open for Feedback

  1. PV says:

    Walter thats gross putting a tagg in the birds neck!!!!!

  2. I will relay your feelings to Dr. Zirkle of the USDA who recommended that type of tagging through the neck of the chicks. To quote from his recommendations:

    “Tag that is placed in the neck of the day old chicks, these hold up for the life span of the broiler. This is similar to price tags on clothing that have the plastic string and paper tag.”

    Let’s stop this nonsense while we still can.

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