Everybody needs a talent!

64째F/60째F Sunny Hazy

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13 Responses to Spooning

  1. jimWarmke says:

    That’s a good look for you Walter, but I think you may regret using the super-glue.

  2. pablo says:

    Three at once! I think you’re Oprah-bound.

  3. AHRGGH! (Or should I say Yikes!) GRIN

    I’m gone for a month and I comeback to see what Walter’s up to theese days and………

    Good to see you again ole’ man (me thinks?)

    Warm Wishes,


  4. dragonfly183 says:

    Oh my goodness, Walter you goof ball. hahahahah

  5. Dave H says:

    Probably won’t get you on ‘American Idol’, but I hear they’re talking about bringing back ‘The Gong Show’!

    Be well,
    Dave H

  6. Emily says:

    Eek! For a second there I didn’t know what I had clicked on, Walter.

    My 6yod aka The Terrorist Baby surprised us one dinnertime with a spoon perched on her nose. If I show her your picture, I can guarantee the ears will be next.

    Yes, definitely a talent and, if it’s genetic, possibly even a family pastime. ;^D

  7. Patti says:

    Speechless…..which is rare for me…:):)

  8. Nickie says:

    OMG, thanks a lot, I just squirted sweet tea out my nose and all over my new keyboard!

  9. pablo says:

    Is there anything you CAN’T do, Walter?

  10. HomemakerAng says:

    and they say we country folk aren’t socialized!!!

  11. Niki Young says:

    I’m finding your site entertaining…yes spooning is certainly that. But also some of your how to’s and the piglets!! oh the piglets are so cute!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  12. Anonymous says:


    Walter! Your big eyebrows have got
    to help keep you WARM on those cold
    winter nights. Well done!


  13. Aye, but I have to be careful heading into the wind or I get lift. :)

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