The Eagle has Flown

No photo of today’s subject. I wasn’t fast enough with my camera. A immature bald eagle few north up the south field and right over our heads before turning east and dipping down over the marshes down in the valley. It was beautiful, soaring the whole time without a single flap over the course of the couple of thousand feet of flight that we saw. This is a rare event for us. The last time we saw an eagle here on Sugar Mountain was in 1998. Again, it was about this time of year and again it followed the same flight pattern.

My best guess is they are moving up the Connecticut River Valley and follow the Waites River and then the stream up past us. If they are looking for fish they are out of luck as I’ve never seen any in the beaver ponds – leaches but no fish. We are at the top of the watershed where the land divides. Our land all drains south east to the Connecticut and then the Atlantic. All the land to the west of us, including most of the rest of our town of Orange flows down to the Lake Champlain Valley Basin in the north east of Vermont.

59째F/71째F Sunny

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  1. Jason says:

    Walter, you would probably see more eagles if you just loosened your definition a bit… Our youngest daughter (age 4) sees them most every day. Of course, I have to chuckle every time she points to a gaggle of ‘eagles’ flying overhead!

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