That Dam Tree

This is one of my favorite trees. It is in Barre, Vermont standing all alone up on a hill overlooking a dry dam. We see it going into town. For years I have longed to capture a really good photo of it. I finally got the right image the other night as the sun set out past Camel’s Hump mountain behind the tree and the dam.

67째F/59째F Sunny

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6 Responses to That Dam Tree

  1. pablo says:

    Really a good piece of work. This is poster material, or at least wallpaper material.

  2. Urban Agrarian says:

    What a beautiful and wonderful photo. The tree the sky, the background all seem perfect. It seems to me to evoke someplace other than Vermont, a different continent even maybe, like something I would see in National Geographic.

  3. PV says:

    Wow!!!! that is fabulas!!!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    im in love with this photo id love a copy im irish and i just love this livinf in oz now would u be able to sent me photp ill pay of course
    my email is
    please get in touch
    love the website

  5. Colin says:

    For 12 years that has been my favorite tree in the whole world. The second I saw the photo I knew it.

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