Snack Time

Kia, in the background, has brought along a snack for our walk down the road. Her sister Kita considered the chunk of cheese but decided against challenging Kia for it. Despite the fact that Kita is nearly twice Kia’s size they are very well matched. There is some sibling jealousy but they work it out, most of the time, and have never drawn blood on each other.

The snack, which Kia stopped and ate further up the mountain, is a chunk of cheese she snarfed when we were feeding pigs that morning. A benefit of guarding and herding is the dogs choose the choice chunks of cheese if they want. It can be quite amazing to watch a group of 20 or 30 pigs all quickly back away in a circle from a prized chunk of food when one of the guardian dogs states that it is hers and “No Touch!” Consider that the pigs in question weigh 200 to 800 lbs each and easily out number the dog 20 to one. When the dogs speaks it is like the parting of the sea.

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3 Responses to Snack Time

  1. pablo says:

    That’s pretty cool. Dogs deserve all the deference they can get. But what does that much cheese do to the doggies digestion?

  2. The cheese doesn’t seem to bother them. That chunk is a half pound piece so it represents about 1% of her body weight. She will likely eat quite a bit of other food in the day too.

  3. gwen says:

    You have such beautiful dogs. Amazing how powerful authority is, isn’t it?

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