Vermont State House at Night

Last night our family went to Montpelier to testify at the public hearing about Premise ID at the State House. There was an amazing turnout. There were about seven people who testified that we should have Premise ID and Animal ID (NAIS) and there were hundreds of people there who were against it. Holly and I both spoke and so did our sons Will and Ben. There was another young girl who testified as well. The age range went from 9 years old into their sixties and seventies. There were big farmers with over a hundred head of dairy cows down to people with just a few chickens all testifying against the proposed plans. There were even consumers who pointed out they had no animals but opposed NAIS and Premise ID. The biggest message people told our legislators was they want education, not government mandates about how to live their lives.

I took the photo above as we were leaving the hearing after 9 pm. This is a view I have never gotten to see before as it is a rare day we’re in town this time of night. The building was quite spectacular with the brightly lit grey Vermont granite.

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2 Responses to Vermont State House at Night

  1. pablo says:

    Congratulations on the groundswell of support. And special bonus points for having your sons stand up and take part in the democratic process. Good work all around (except I can’t get the photo to display).

  2. Lee Ann says:

    Great Job Walter! My husband & I wanted to go, but simply weren’t able to. We live in Norwich, VT and the drive was too much for me at this time. I’ve been enjoying your blogs for months now and pray that the Lord bless you and your family in all that you do.

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