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Moose Skeleton

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About a month ago Kita said there was something interesting up the road. Ben, Kia and I walked out to see what was up. About 2,000 feet down the road Kita led us up into the woods for a couple … Continue reading

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Snack Time

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Kia, in the background, has brought along a snack for our walk down the road. Her sister Kita considered the chunk of cheese but decided against challenging Kia for it. Despite the fact that Kita is nearly twice Kia’s size … Continue reading

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Mystery Photo 20060420

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Who dun-it? Click the picture for another clue. Leave conclusions in comments… 66째F/34째F Sunny

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How to Brine a Ham

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That ham is from an uncut boar and a delicious Easter Ham he was. The first bite was mouth watering ecstasy. A true soothing of the pallet and soul as my taste buds gave thanks for this pig I had … Continue reading

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