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Black Booted NAIS, my web site to spread the word about the harm of the USDA’s proposed regulations for the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) is going to be on George Noory’s Coast to Coast Radio tonight (Wednesday) at 11 pm PT. I believe you can also catch it later via MP3 from their web site. I will thankfully not actually be on the radio. Pat Showalter and Celeste Bishop will be talking with Katherine Albrecht and George Noory. Tune in if you can and listen to the show. It is a bit past my bed time.

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4 Responses to NoNAIS On the Radio

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great show but the real frightening facts are this will effect everyone on a global basis and to get people talking it has to hit them in the face… Registering where you will ride your horse is very alarming. But each and every animal no matter how big or small will have to be accounted for and do we really want our goverment saying that our pet died and what was the reason .. Next it will have to have a pathlogical report or you will be hauled into court for murder of a pet that has dissappeared it can easily get out of control but to orginize people these days is not an easy task we have had freedom for so long most people do not realize just what it means to be stripped of the rights we take for grante.
    Thank You for letting me air a few of my own concerns…it will hit us all in the pocketbook and our peace of mind will be taken away before we even realize something is terrible wrong.

  2. HomemakerAng says:

    I recvd this in my email today, thought you would be interested, sounds “NAISy”

    We Need Your Help

    The ability to ship poultry to you is being threatened by unwarranted accusations
    from animal rights groups AND the inability of the Post Office and their air
    carriers to deliver our products in a timely and efficient manner.

    On the Bird Shippers of America website ( ) is a
    summary of the legislation Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) introduced in
    the U.S. Senate on Friday, March 10th. The three points Senator Grassley
    makes, as well as information regarding avian influenza (Bird Flu), are
    extremely important to the continued success of shipping live poultry
    through the U.S. Postal System.

    We need your help, and the help of your friends, to make this proposal – law.
    For your convenience we have set up a webpage on the Bird Shippers of America website
    ( ) where you can print a
    custom letter to be Mailed or Faxed to each of your Senators.
    If you feel strongly about your right to receive birds through the
    mail, or your business or hobby would endure severe hardships if
    you could not receive birds, please take the time to submit your letter.

    All of us in the bird shipping business greatly appreciate your help in
    this most important issue.

    Thank you.

    Murray McMurray, Chairman
    Bird Shippers of America

    Copyright McMurray Hatchery 2006
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    (Unsubscribe at

  3. Something to know is McMurray Hatchery is sitting on the fence on NAIS. They are refusing to take a position. Write them and tell them they need to oppose NAIS.

  4. Kate Driscoll says:

    Thank you Walter for fighting the growing menace of government. I really appreciate you and others who are working to keep our rights protected. I know I should do more. I will follow your election guides and try and write more letters. Please keep up the good work of keeping us all informed about what they’re trying to shove through.

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