Waiting for Summer

The gander looks like he is ready to get on with this winter thing and see some real water. The spring that feeds the ice sculpture keeps a rivulet of open water down at the base where the gander is drinking.

35째F/12째F Sunny

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7 Responses to Waiting for Summer

  1. threecollie says:

    He will probably want to be well anchored later today if you get the wind we are expecting.

  2. abe/happy says:

    Looks like hes looking at himself in the reflection *lol*

  3. Leslie says:

    BOY you sure have some cold temps there in Vermont! We got a good snow over the weekend – enough to play in about 4″ of it, but then it was all gone by Tuesday/Wednesday.

    I’m enjoying all your pictures, your informative posts, and your musings.

  4. Patti says:

    He doesn’t seem to mind the cold. Our goose and gander are snug in the barn or maybe I should say trapped. lol I just dont’ want their lil webby feet to freeze :):)

  5. Anonymous says:

    He’s a handsome one. Is that a Toulouse?


  6. Steph, The gander was given to us by our postal carrier, Annie. She said it is a Toulouse with possibly some African in it as well.

  7. LOVE your goose – he looks like a Toulouse – we hope to add a pair when our pond finally fills up.

    We’ve been watching the weather – y’all stay put and be careful!!

    the Jacobs

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