Trees in the Mist

The view to Sugar Mountain is one of the first things I often look at in the morning. Sometimes it is a frosted peak. Sometimes crystal clear blue skies. Other times the mountain is hidden away like this behind a blanket of falling snow.

21째F/5째F, Light snow flurries, Sunny

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  1. Hello folks..I am interested in raising a few hogs naturally on pasture. I also raise meatgoats and will have the small weaners share the pasture/woods with my adult goats. My question is: I feed my goats large roundbales of hay (orchard/fescue grass) out in the open on grass. After awhile there is a large area of hay that the goats have wasted around the bale. Will the pigs eat this hay and “clean-up” after the goats :-) john williamson

  2. We feed our pigs and sheep hay from both square bales and round bales. The round bale hay is a higher quality and the pigs like it better even though it is the cheapest lowest grade of round bale hay. Don’t waste money on expensive horse hay if you have the option of less expensive hay. The pigs do a lot of clean up and they also work hay into the soil which is something we need because our soils are so thin and poor.

  3. threecollie says:

    That is a beautiful picture!
    Is there a simple way to put a picture in the header like yours of the little pigs? I have tried a number of times to do that without success.

  4. TC, Check out the comments in this page where Dragonfly asked the same question and I answered. Then go to this page and also read my comment to Dragonfly. Then go to Dragonfly’s blog and you’ll see what she did with that info. Kind of cool.

    You can usually get this kind of thing by viewing the source code for a web page although sometimes it is a bit esoteric. Asking doesn’t hurt! :)

  5. threecollie says:

    Thanks so much for taking time to help me do the picture. I would never have figured it out!

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