Freaky Friday

This is Baloo when he was a little puppy…. Okay, a big puppy. He still fit on Will’s lap at that point. Now he is as big as Will and definitely nolonger a lap dog. Even when this photo was taken Baloo was really pushing it.

One morning I looked out the bathroom window to where the puppies were playing. The largest, Baloo, was lying in the sun grooming his right hind foot. Then he switched his attention to licking his left hind foot. Then he started to chew on it a little. Before I knew it he was gnawing on it hard and he ripped his leg completely off and started eating it! Oh, my god! Then I realized that was a sheep foot he was chewing on – it just happened to be in just the right position and color to look like his own leg. Whew! But just for a moment I thought… :)

Thinking before you post avoids fencing… Grahmar, punktuateon, and speelin hellp two.

30째F/19째F, Partly Sunny


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2 Responses to Freaky Friday

  1. pablo says:

    Boys and puppies. They both grow big, fast.

  2. ranch101 says:

    Our first dog was a 50lb (22kg) Collie who was sure she was a lap dog. In order to control her leaping into laps, we taught her to only do it on command: “Lap” meant she could rest her front legs in your lap, but she had to keep the rest of her on the floor. Our 90lb (40kg) Irish Wolfhound cross is pretty scary when he does it at speed.

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