You Won!

Or so said my email. I get a lot of spam that says that. Fortunately my mail filters eat most of the spam so I don’t have to waste time and get disappointed that I didn’t really win. Of course, if I actually bought lottery tickes and all that, then maybe I would win once in a while. That’s what I’m told. I don’t like the odds though so my money stays in my pocket.

Somehow this one ‘spam’ got through. I went to delete it and I saw it was from ClustrMaps, the people who make the neat little world map with red dots in my side bar. The map icon shows where readers of this blog are visiting from, which is pretty neat. I love maps, have drawn them for a number of books and was delighted to discover this little tool last fall which I wrote about in December.

Looking at the email more closely, I realize that this really was a personal message and not spam. Apparently, I really did win! ClustrMaps chose me as a great example of their product. Cool! It’s always fun to see one’s name ‘in-print’. So now they’ve given me a free upgrade to their normally paid ClustrMaps+subscription level for two years. That means that starting today, after they did the next map update, you and I can click on the icon at right, go to the big map at their site and then click on regions, like the United States, Europe, Australia, etc and see a still more detailed map. Fun stuff! So which dot is yours?!?

Click on Europe on the big world map and you see this:

Click on the UK and you see this:

I must admit I am very curious as to how I ever gained such readership in such far away lands. Apparently my words and photos are very well travelled, more so than I’ll ever be!

Back to the world map and click on North America to see this:

Unfortunately you can’t click closer than that. I hope that ClustrMaps eventually lets us click down to individual states and more countries. A larger image would also be a nice option.

ClustrMaps is a great tool. A visual representation of where visitors come from makes the whole world seem closer in a pleasant way. I have seen maps like this on a few other stats and counter services such as SiteMeter which I also use for other stuff but I like the ClustrMap implementation best. ClustrMap doesn’t rely on Shockwave Flash plug-ins which I do not like because it uses up more computer power, is a security risk and means flashing ads all over the web. ClustrMap also does not require javascript or java and it runs fast since they only update the map icon daily, at most. This means that the image doesn’t have to be regenerated on the fly. All good points for This keeps my web page loads fairly quick. Last week I added a free ClustrMap to my web site and am planning to do it on the other sites I maintain.

Around here the pigs put the bacon on the table, so to speak…

32째F/26째F, 1″ Snow, Light Sleet, Cloudy.


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6 Responses to You Won!

  1. pablo says:

    Gee whiz, how DO you account for the popularity and international recognition of your blog? (I don’t mean that as a slight to your writing or photography skills!)

    And what do the larger red dots indicate? Frequency?

  2. Pablo, I don’t know why there are so many readers from so many far off lands. It is amazing. When I started writing this blog I didn’t think I would have many visitors at all. I mean, who’s going to be interested in pig farming in Vermont?!? I must admit it is really fun to hear from people around the world in comments and email. It connects us. Maybe the web will save us from the next big war. People who are connected are less likely to want to go and kill each other – I hope! As to the larger red dots, those represent larger numbers of visits.

  3. Mark V. says:

    Walter, I notice you passed the 20000 visitor mark. Party time!

  4. dragonfly183 says:

    Oh holy Cow. Look at all of those red dots. And whats the island on the other side of Australia. i saw three dots over there. I am going to have to put that on my site .

  5. Urban Agrarian says:

    I very much agree with your comment that people who are connected are less likely to go to war with each other.

    I think that was always one of the idea with international exchange programs. Now even those who can’t travel can view a part people’s lives in far-away places.

    I also am always amazed when someone from the other side of the world looks at my blog. I wonder who they are, what their life is like. It’s also interesting to see what posts are retrieved by search engines most frequently.

  6. CatskillTiger says:

    That little island on t’other side of Oz would be New Zealand. Hard to recognize with all the red dots on it. :D

    Hi, Walter. I just ran across your blog for the first time. There went this evening – muaahaahaa. Awesome and then some! I work on a farm (in Sullivan Co, NY) that includes Yorkshire and Large Black English pigs, and a Chianina herd, just beginning to breed Chiangus.

    I especially enjoyed reading about your tiller pigs. We’re going to try that this summer with a former bean field to be planted with tasty pig forage, then sending in the pigs to have at it! I passed your blog onto our head herdsman with your mention of sectioning and rotating rather than using the entire field all season.

    Onya for such a lovely and ambitious website, what with all the work you do every day as it is!

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