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Mystery Photo 20060227

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Out in the fresh snow I see a lot of animal tracks including pigs, sheep, chickens, dogs, cat, mice, bear, ravens and more. This time it was a bit of a puzzler. What could have made these tracks??? When you … Continue reading

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Pig Tickling

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Pig tickling, that is what I’m doing here. They are hoping for a treat and got it. Life is good. 16°F/-8°F, 8″ Snow, Sunny, Windy

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Raven Baiting

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My sweet heart Kita. Ravens are beautiful birds and I love to watch them fly. The piglets and chickens do not. For them the big black birds are a threat. This morning Kita was doing something rather interesting. I’m not … Continue reading

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Weaning Piglets

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This past Monday we weaned most of the piglets from the winter farrowing. Actually, the sows had started weaning the piglets two days earlier which made the process that much easier. The mothers began sleeping in a far garden, moving … Continue reading

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