How to Make Hanging String Rack

This is our solution to the eternal problem of dealing with lots of hats, gloves, mittens, scarfs, goggles, work gloves in all seasons, sun hats in the summer and other apparel. Otherwise this stuff ends up making a mess and wastes our time finding it, buying replacements, getting chewed by puppies, etc. This rack is simple, easy to make and highly effective.

Holly came up with the original idea for this design, I engineered it (every project needs an engineer, right…) and then she built it.

Parts you’ll need are: Two boards about 1″x24″x2″ each. Adjust the size to fit your needs. Three spools or pegs for the coat hangers. About 24′ of string that is a small enough diameter to fit through the cloths pin springs doubled up. Three screws attach the spools to the top board. Two screws to affix the top board to the wall. Stain or oil, if you like, for the wood. Lastly, you’ll need cloths pins.

Tools you’ll need are a drill, sand paper to smooth the wood after cutting and drilling, possibly a saw if the wood is not already of size and a screw driver.

    How to Make a Hanging String Rack:

  1. The top board consists of a 1″ x 24″ x 2″ piece of wood at the top screwed to the wall. It is 24″ wide to hit the studs with the screws and make it secure. Drill 4 holes down the 2″ direction. They will lie parallel to the wall for the strings. Counter sink a slightly larger hole to contain the knots at the top of the top board and bottom of the bottom board. You’ll thread your strings through these holes so size the holes appropriately.
  2. Three large spool pegs are attached with thick screws to the top board. These are for hanging large items like snow pants, overalls, coats and in the summer hats, etc.
  3. Four strings pass through holes going the 2″ direction and knot in counter sunk holes at the top.
  4. At the bottom there is a similar board which the strings, again, pass through and knot at the bottom. The bottom board simply hangs free. It is a weight to keep the strings hanging straight and untangled.
  5. Along the string are cloths pins. The string is folded, passed through the spring and looped over the pin to lock it in place. It is easy to adjust later or add more if necessary.

We have this rack in our grate hall – so named because there is a large 4′ x 4′ metal grate above the plenum of our wood furnace that is in the cellar. This makes it the warmest room in the house and an excellent place for damp winter garments to dry.

One of the nice things about this setup is it puts hanging points at all levels so that little Hope is able to reach the ones down at the lower levels for her stuff and Holly and I can use the highest ones. Ben and Will use the mid areas for most of their stuff although Will is now reaching quite high!

We have a second one in the door way coming into the kitchen from the outdoors. This one is positioned in the sun so it gets solar drying effects. Dirtier work gloves tend to be what are hung there.

Don’t let clutter dominate your life – A place for everything and everything in its place. Now if only my desk knew that!

A spoon does not know the taste of soup, nor a learned fool the taste of wisdom. -Welsh Proverb

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7 Responses to How to Make Hanging String Rack

  1. HomemakerAng says:

    REALLY neat and creative and better yet, sounds INEXPENSIVE… who wants to waste $$$ on a place to hang things. I laugh and laugh and how much $$ people spend on plastic tubs!

  2. Harriette says:

    I saw the photo of “barrel man” – just how big is he and how did y’all create him? That would be a great ‘scarecrow’….


  3. Patty says:

    That is a great idea. We have been using those cotton net grocery bags for our multitude of hand made, not used this winter, hats, scarves, mittens etc.

  4. Patty says:

    great idea, sure beats our cotton net grocery bag we use

  5. The Barrel man is the creation of Charlie, a gentleman down the road from us who sells used food grade barrels. It must be about 10′ tall. Maybe more. Pretty impressive!

  6. Urban Agrarian says:

    I like the idea of the string and clothes pins. It’s giving me an idea for my home office organizing of bills and other papers that need tending to. Maybe instead of keeping them in a pile. I’ll hang then by clothes pins on strings on the back of the office door.

  7. Susana says:

    A little bit messy but a great idea!

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