Mystery Animal Tracks

Classic Vermont Town

What a funny print in the snow! Holly found this and called me over to show it to me. It is almost a perfectly smooth round hollow. What ever could have made it?!? I figured it out. I’ll give you a clue. Some people consider it alive. Others don’t. I eat them. Animal, mineral or plant you might ask… Click on the photo after you’ve made a guess.

27째F/30째F, 1″ Snowed lightly all day


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8 Responses to Mystery Animal Tracks

  1. threecollie says:

    I guessed an icycle, but that would have been the chicken after she laid the egg. lol

  2. P.V. says:

    Neat!!!!! I never woold have guessed!

  3. Pyewacket says:

    I can’t believe it, but I guessed it! I NEVER guess that sort of thing. A very cool picture.

  4. Leslie says:

    I guessed an apple. We still have some old shrivelled ones on one of our trees.

    Where in the world do you come up with ideas for the stuff you write about? Great stuff!

  5. dragonfly183 says:

    Oh wow. Is that where it was laid?

  6. Dragonfly, actually, the egg was laid in the hen’s hoop house in one of their nests. I had picked it up when I was checking things in the afternoon and then as I went by the chick brooder shed I set the egg down so I could do something there. After I picked it up again Holly saw the mark and called me back to show me. Pretty neat!

  7. Peggy says:

    I had no ideal what to guess. Am going to make a string rack tonight… thanks for the ideal!

  8. abe/happy says:

    I was thinking an egg?…and what do you know Im right for a change *yippee*

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