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To protect against disease and terrorism, USDA will register and track domesticated animals, and the properties in which they reside, throughout the United States. This leads us to ask, “What impact will these good intentions have on small farmers, ranchers and hobbyists?�

This Saturday at 9AM Pacific (10am MT, 11am CT, 12noon ET) the Food Chain with Michael Olson hosts Dr. Mary Zanoni, Founder of Farm For Life, and small farmers from around the United States for Part II of a conversation about the National Animal Identification System (NAIS).

Listen anywhere, live or delayed, on your radio, computer or iPOD at (This web link has a list of stations as well as the link for the MP3 file to listen on your computer.)

Topics include why animals and properties must be registered and tracked; how the tracking system has been designed to facilitate industrial-scaled production systems; and what impact this program may, or may not, have on small-scale producers.

Listeners are invited to call the program at 1-800-624-2665 or on their local station or log on to the Forum page at

Come back tomorrow for an amusing story… Amusing because I’m still hear and able to tell it.

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4 Responses to NAIS Radio Show Sat 12noon ET

  1. scully says:

    Thanks for the link and the heads-up, Walter. One correction, 9am PST is noon for those in EST.

  2. Thank you, Scully! Fixed. Further proof that working very late at night is not a good idea. :)

  3. P.V. says:

    I jus listend to this on my itunes. Good show. I would have liked to hear what Mary Z. had to say (what’s her last name?) but the guy kept interupting her. She mentiond you, or your web site!!! Neat!!!!! I hope that people hear the show and get oraganized about apposinging this dumb idea.

  4. Mike says:

    Controlling the food supply (preventing you from feeding yourself or the community) is a sure way of controlling the population. Using “terrorism” to justify more authoritarianism.

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