Ewe’ll Be Famous

The sheep are complaining about not getting equal time. “Baaahddd,” they holler, “Baahhdddd man!” So this is to prove to them that I am not discriminating on the basis of cuteness, reproductive efficiency or flavor. See, sheep, you’ll get your time in the limelight!

In fact, this little ewe is about to be famous. At least on a limited basis. Her face just got used on a logo. Soon you’ll be seeing her everywhere, on bumper stickers, coffee mugs, T-shirts, hats, puzzles, web sites, blogs, letterhead and more. Maybe she’ll even make the evening news and Time Magazine. Or at least that is the plan. I’m thinking of throwing a tea party. Details to follow…

In other news all piglets and moms are doing well.

25째F/8째F, 1″ Snow

“The substandard life is the dream not lived.”


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8 Responses to Ewe’ll Be Famous

  1. Urban Agrarian says:

    I see that even when the ewe finally gets her own post, some others are lurking in the backround trying to hog the attention.

  2. What I find most interesting is the “face” on the sow behind her….

    “If a pictures worth a thousand words, then what pray tell is a thousand words worth?”

  3. ks says:

    I wonder if it could have anything to do with the “Got Milk” sheep picture.

  4. P.V. says:

    To Cute!!! I lov your animal pics

  5. Katie says:

    Beautiful as usual – I do hope someday you’ll publish a Sugar Mountain Farm photography book.

  6. I think I SEE the answer……no NAIS?

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