Serene as the Cat

Serene is so named because when we got her as a kitten she was covered with fleas. That may not sound calm but she was. When we brought her home I gave her repeated baths and flea treatments for ten days while she lived in a large RubberMaid container. She was amazing. Not once did she even try to scratch me nor did she really complain about the whole process. When she got attention she rumbled her affection and bore through it all. So the appropriate name was Serene.

Most of the time Serene is outdoors. She’s a great mouser and doesn’t leave us too many presents on the stoop. She loves to watch the chickens and baby chicks but does not bother them. I’ve even seen her walk among the larger animals like the sheep and pigs although generally she stays on their edges – a wise move in my opinion considering her diminutive size. The one bad habit she has is going for walks in the woods – there are lions and tigers and bears… Fisher cats, lynx and coyotes as well, all of whom enjoy cat.

Now as an adult she is a small cat who plays with big dogs. The puppies have always considered her to be just one more puppy. They’re over joyed to see her show up and mob her, which she takes stoically until she can escape from under the puppy pile. Often times she’ll ‘fish for puppies’ from a perch above them. Her food is up high to give her a little peace and quiet during meals – otherwise the puppies would never let her eat.

And yes, we do appear to have kept the flea population at bay.

“Don’t Panic!”Douglas Adams

24째F/7째F, 1/8th” Snow, Sunny


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2 Responses to Serene as the Cat

  1. Farmer says:

    Oh, I like your small wether-notes so much. I think I will try it in my own farming/nature-blog.
    Living in Denmark I just have to re-learn the F-temp. scale and tranform to Celcius to realy understand your situation. Good traning.
    Thank you for the inspiration.
    Visit my blog, if you like check-up your reading danish :-).

  2. Katie says:

    What a great story and beautiful cat!

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