Kira’s Leave Taking

Kira-kira-lay-o-lii… That is how I called her. She is the daughter of Kia and has excellent herding instincts just like her mother. Kira’s not so sure about the big pigs and the sheep – perhaps because she’s so much smaller – but Kira loves to herd the ducks who winter in the garden corral and atrium where she spends most of her time. First she puts them into the greenhouse shelter amd dances about with pride. Then she moves them to the pallet shed and it is time for another dance of joy. The ducks are big, maybe bigger than her, but she has no trouble moving the flock around, keeping them together and showing off her talent.

Now Kira has literally gone to the other side of the mountain. A couple who are homesteading in the next town over saw Kia with me in town back before Christmas and asked if we had any puppies available. At the time I said no because Kira was promised to my brother. They gave me their name and address just incase for whenever we might have some. I filed it away figuring that was a long time off.

Then my brother and his bride to be decided they would like a larger, trained dog so I gave them Baloo for Christmas instead of Kira. I had been training Baloo for poultry, which they have, since that was his preference. All of a sudden Kira was available! The fates work in mysterious ways and chance favors the prepared. So I mailed a picture postcard of Kira to Bruce and Marylyn asking if they were still interested. They called right away to say yes. This week, at the start of a new year, they came to pickup Kira and so she starts a new adventure on the other side of the mountain.

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9 Responses to Kira’s Leave Taking

  1. Aw, she’s a very pretty girl, and talented to boot!

  2. pablo says:

    I don’t think I could ever part with her, despite that being the original intent. Ouch! Will she stay over the moutain, or will she find her way “home”? Beautiful dog!

  3. Urban Agrarian says:

    Sitting around the breakfast table on New Years Day, we invented a new word “dog-in-law”. Bruce and Marylyn are now your dog-in-laws – people connected to you through your dogs.

    If your dogs could talk and write maybe they would write a paper titled “Six Degrees of Separation of the Sugar Mountain Shepherds” ;)

  4. gwen says:

    What a beautiful dog! I had to call Charlie over so we could both gaze at her. I hope you had a blessed New Year and that winter in VT is actually winter, instead of March like it is here!

  5. I was just wondering, what size is she exactly? Very nice looking

  6. Courage, In this photo Kira is about 30 lbs. She’ll probably be about 70 to 75 lbs as an adult.

    Urban, *grin* I like that term, “Dog-in-law”! I have quite a few dog-in-laws and they are all the nicest people. :)

    Pablo, partings are always hard for me. The intent is to continue our line of dogs since they show such strong talent and form for their job. I love working with them. Sadly, even with one litter on average about every three years I can’t keep them all. I am encouraged by others within our family to pass some of the dogs on to other farms and families, as you might imagine! Generally we only have four to six adult dogs. As Urban mentioned, it is a form of relationship building. :) I must admit I do love seeing the dogs when I run into them in the course of life, seeing how they have grown and developed into adults. What is amazing is they remember me even after long periods.

  7. P.V. says:

    Wow!!!! She is so pretty!! Your so lucky to have such butiful dogs! I wish i lived in a aplace where i coold have one.

  8. oldwhitelady says:

    What a neat story for such a beautiful dog. She really is a beauty.

  9. Suzanne A. says:

    That is one sweet puppy. How could you ever give her up?

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