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Today was a beautiful, warm calm winter day. It is rare that we have no wind on the mountain, especially in winter. That characteristic of almost constant strong winds would make for great wind power generation here in the mountains. So after morning chores we seized the day and flew to the south field.

I love flying, although I’ve never actually flown a real live full size airplane. I fly in my dreams almost every night which is as close as I get to being a bird. I fly in XPlane, a flight simulator on my computer as do Will and Ben – that is as close as we get to flying real planes. We all love to watch the big ravens, the goshawk and the red tailed hawk who fly over our fields as well as the rare visits of the local eagle and falcon. When we have a calm day we sometimes join the big birds in the sky with our radio controlled glider.

Glider flyingWill and Ben share my love of flying so last year we did a split Christmas gift of a radio controlled plane. Ours is a yellow “Shun Da” RC plane. It is a glider although it also has an electric motor to assist with initial altitude gains – very handy for the inexperienced. We fly it both with and without that extra push. The glider came with a wireless camera although we have yet to install that little gadget. It will be fun to use it to see how our place looks from a hawk’s eye perspective. For now we just float on the faint breeze that lifts us up the slope.

The south field is the preferred flying space and today was such a lovely day that the pigs joined us out on the snow covered slope. Fortunately pigs are not super interested in flying so we didn’t have to give them a turn at the controls. This is about as close as I expect I’ll ever get to actually handling the controls of an airplane. It is certainly a lot less expensive and safer than the real thing. So on calm sunny days think of us, soaring high above the fields and forest.

23째F/8째F, Partly Sunny


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4 Responses to Soaring

  1. pablo says:

    Your family seems to lead such an idyllic life!

  2. Hmm… Think of it as being like a movie… there is a lot of footage that ends up on the cutting room floor – we don’t show you the pictures of the crashes – This isn’t supposed to be a disaster flick! I tend to focus on the good memories. It is idyllic in many ways but that is not to be confused with easy. :)

  3. P.V. says:

    Neat!!! Toy plains are about my speed! But im afraid I wood crash them! looks like alot of fun

  4. Wayne says:

    Man, Walter, that’s totally neat. I’ve looked into RC but have never stepped further. What a great playtoy!

    I’m ever envious of your environment and weather. Best to you all in the new year.

    qapqpgk – a fast gulp, usually entailing the swallowing of a fish.

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