Winter Home Panorama

January 2006’s header is a panorama of Sugar Mountain Farm area showing the kid’s tree house and trolley run on the far left. Past the play area is the stone wall separating the home fields from the North Field which dips down toward the sugar shack. That, like the south field, is great berrying in the summer and fall. Beyond the north field you can see Sugar Mountain, Knox Mtn and Butterfield Mtn in the distance.

Straight ahead is our house next to Riddle Pond Road. Beyond that is the marsh field and then the beaver meadows and marshes. On the other side of the wet lands is Haden Hill which has some lovely big white pines that the ravens enjoy.

To the right of the picture past the stone wall and row of maple trees is the south field where the kids snowboard in the winter. The rest of the year the animals pasture in the fields which makes them great for sledding. In the summer and fall we pick loads of blueberries, blackberries, red raspberries, blackraspberries and wild strawberries. At the upper edge of the south field you can see a couple of covered piles of dead wood from clearing. Those will be bonfires for sledding parties this winter.

Beyond the South Field you can see the mountains of West Topsham in the near distance. In the far distance on a clear day it is possible to see the mountains of New Hampshire. I believe that it is Mt. Moosilock which has rock slides that we can clearly see past Bradford, VT.

I created this panorama from a series of seven 9MP photos with my Fuji FinePix E900 digital camera and then hand stitched the images together in Adobe Photoshop. Click on the photo to see a 3,000 pixel wide version (552KB) of the panorama if you dare…

28째F/11째F, 1/4″ Snow, Sunny


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5 Responses to Winter Home Panorama

  1. P.V. says:

    I love these pix walter. They make me feel like im there. But why do you say if you dare at the end????

  2. ………I think the “if you dare” might be the download time or the “Wow!” factor! WOW Walter, nice H-stead! (BTW I agree Pink’s a great tax saver) Sauce to the critics. ;)

  3. Patty says:

    I’m jealous. I am a city girl. I love the view in your picture

  4. Scott is right – I was thinking of the download time. :) The larger size is a big image at 552KB which can take a long time on a dialup connection. I used to be on dialup at 14.4KBaud since we’re so far out from the central office. Large images were painful… :)

  5. tansy says:

    what a beautiful view. so serene and lacking of track housing.

    nice to know places still exist like that.

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