Waites River General Store

This is the Waites River General Store, a place where you can get a sandwich fresh made at the deli, a cup of coffee, meats, eggs, milk, butter and other necessities, the daily paper and various sundries. While you’re there pruse the door and bulletin board for community announcements, petitions, job offers, work wanted and items for sale. You fill your own gas from the pump outside and the clerk inside is a local kid who knows who you are. Look up across the road and maybe you’ll see deer or a bear up in the back of the hay field.

The future, like the weather, will be much like the present but a little different.

25째F/9째F, 1″ Snow, Partly Sunny


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3 Responses to Waites River General Store

  1. If I didn’t know any better, I would swear I was looking at this little general store near Fredericksburg, Va that I visited not too long ago. It is the exact same shape and size! AND they ALSO make homemade sandwiches and coffee, etc. Wish those little general stores would come back in force, they are the best!

  2. I hope they carry peanuts and real Coke in glass bottles :)

  3. Sounds just like the store here at home. And here they DO carry real Coke in glass bottles and peanuts!

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