Carol Singing

Today we had not one carol sing but two. Ben and Holly played music for the first one. It was a lot for one day. I’m not complaining. We got to see many friends, some of whom we had not seen in a long time. But it gets to be a little over stimulating. I’m ready for a blizzard.

WARNING: The cutting edge of technology can cause excessive bleeding.

28째F/18째F, 3″ Snow, Partly Sunny


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9 Responses to Carol Singing

  1. abe/happy says:

    id love to learn to play the acoustic guitar ~ maybe that can be my new years resolution :-)

  2. So, is that a Martin in her hands? And Ben is playing banjo! Note to self – though Vermont may be cold, there exists pockets of musical culture.:-)

  3. ……..:Banjo:………Now that’s a fun looking instrument!

  4. Holly says it is an Alverez in here right hand and a Hope in her left arm. :)

  5. What a lovely music gathering!

    Que agradĂĄvel reuniĂŁo musical!

  6. pablo says:

    You know what? It doesn’t surprise me at all that your son can play the banjo. Jeez, I wish you were my dad too!

  7. Pablo, that would create a time paradox…

    Kieth, we have wonderful music here – live bands for contra and square dancing every Saturday all over Vermont.

  8. I never doubted there is fine music and culture all over Vermont. I would love to see the state sometime. That comment was just a feeble attempt at humor. No offense intended.
    We have just started participating with a contra dancing group here. Great fun for the whole family! For those with a musical bent that don’t want to dance, folks are welcomed to jump in and play with the band.

  9. Eek, that came across wrong. I didn’t think any offense at all. I love to dance so the comment on music made me thing of contra dances. Holly and I actually met at a dance. There are several big ones coming up for New Years Eve. Those are always fun ones as they are potlucks. That is one of the big reasons we chose this area, because there is so much good dancing around here.

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