Advent Calendar

With the first of December we begin the Advent Calendar which leads up to December 25th which is you know who’s you know what, or at least the official celebration. Back when Will was a baby we made a hanging cloth Advent Calendar with pockets, one for each day, using laser printer Transfer Toner which I had invented back in the 1980’s. (Ah, and you thought I was a simple hermit!)

The Advent Calendar was fun to make but even more fun is the tradition of getting it out each year. Holly, and sometimes the kids, make up riddles, often in verse with rhyme. Each day the kids find a small scroll of paper in the morning in the day’s pocket. Thus the search begins…

The answer to the riddle, a simple pictogram in Hope’s case, leads them to a treat. Simple and fun family traditions to look forward to and to remember as well.

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.
-Robert Louis Stevenson

11째F/28째F, 10″ Snow, Overcast


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  1. Suzanne A. says:

    Thats a great tradition. Cute kids. Where can I find one or did you make your own?

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