Arctic Woof

Well, not really… This is little leaping lady Lili who possibly has the greatest bounce for the ounce as she flies through the air with the greatest of ease. She is young, a year now and only 35 lbs but the spitting image of her grandmother Tika who could clear an 8′ fence like she was spy hopping. A friend once commented, “Your dogs can fly!” as they popped up over the fences to greet him.

Lili looks a bit ragged in this photo because she just got done playing a game of “Lili’s It!” with her mother Kia and aunt Kita who are many times her size. Tagging Lili is safe and all in good fun – it is far too dangerous for Kita and Kia to play directly with each other that way. By teaming together they turn their high level of competition into cooperation and Lili loves being part of the fun.

Likewise, with Saturn and Cinnamon the game becomes “Tag Kita!” or “Tag Kia!” – that way the big males can play together without directly confronting each other. Alliances that let them not worry about status as they concentrate their energies on a common target. This all provides training for dealing with predators like the pack of coyotes that passes through our valley from time to time, giving our fields a wide berth as the guardian dogs sing their cousins a warning song.

He who does not learn from history may not get the chance to repeat it.

10째F/0째F, 1/2″ Snow, Sunny


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6 Responses to Arctic Woof

  1. mark V. says:

    That is a gorgeouos dog. I was sure it was a wolf you got me with that title acrtic woof I would have sworn it was from up in alaska or somewher. great pix!

  2. Urban Agrarian says:

    If Lili gets tired of Vermont she can always move down here to Massachusetts with me and my dog pack. She seems like such a great dog.

  3. pablo says:

    Yes, but what is “spy hopping”?

  4. Spy hopping is when they pop high up in the air. Often it is a quick look to see what is going on – say they are walking through tall grass. Sometimes they snatch a low flying bird at the zenith. Sometimes they use the technique to come down on top of prey – especially useful for those little micees. When they do it they appear to be effortless and extremely graceful.

  5. P.V. says:

    Wow!!! She’s so gorgeous! She looks like a real wild woman. That is a spendid photo. I am amazed at all the great pics you get.

  6. Lanna Hill says:

    She is not a dog. That is a female werewolf and a beauty too. I bet she’s smartern heck.

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